The Top 5 Rock Music Slot Games You Can Play Online

Things have changed a lot with the help of technology and now the people do not have to wait for hours travelling or even in the slot machine queues to ensure that they are able to play and earn money. With the introduction of online slot games, many things have changed and now the users are even able to play the slot games with the ease of their mobile phones. There are various themes on which the slot games have been launched which even makes it more interesting for the slot game lovers as they now have a wide variety for the same.

There are even some slot games which have been themed as Rock Music and here we will be having a look at some of the best Rock Music themed slot games which an individual must try if they love Rock music a lot. Let’s have a look at the best five Rock Music themed slot games.

1.   Guns N Roses

This game has been developed by NetEnt studios and they are an active contributor towards the list of best Rock Music themed slot games. It has a great RTP rate due to which this game is able to attract a lot of gamblers towards the platform. The RTP rate offered over here is around 97% which is generally higher than the average RTP offered to the players from the other platforms. Along with that, the developers have been constantly making improvements towards the game. Currently the game consists of a total of 25 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum betting amount over here is just 20 cents.

2.   Motorhead

If you are looking for a game which has a good amount of paylines, then Motorhead is probably the best game which you could ever play. This game consists of a total of 76 paylines which is generally higher than what is offered to the players at other platforms. It also has the same Return to Player rate as that of Guns N Roses because of which it is also able to attract a good amount of players towards their platform.

3.   Jimi Hendrix

This game was launched shortly after Guns N Roses and Motorhead had been launched during the year 2016. It is a great game for all the rock series lovers and it contains interesting graphics and videos which makes the game interesting for the players. The game consists of 20 paylines and 5 reels which are particularly less than what is being offered by the other websites. But they also offer many other features like free spins, bonuses and all which is able to attract the players towards them. This game is also developed by NetEnt studios so it can be said this is probably a great game for the players to enjoy.

4.   KISS

Although this game has a low RTP rate as compared to the other games on the list, it offers a good amount of paylines to the players. This game has a total of 100 paylines and offers 93% of RTP to the players. The minimum amount of betting on this platform is just 50 cents and the players can bet as high as 250 dollars on this platform to try out their luck. The developers are constantly working to improve the RTP rate of this platform and it is expected to reach 96% in the next few months.

5.   Megadeth

The last game on the list is Megadeth which is another game developed by the most popular band, Megadeth. We all know that Megadeth is a heavy metal band and with this slot game, the players will be able to win heavy amounts. This game also provides the opportunity to the players through which they’ll be able to receive upto 15 free spins which can be used to win real money on the platform. It consists of 5 reels and 40 paylines. But the maximum amount of single bet is just 8 dollars on this platform.